Darius Jones, alto sax / Bill McHenry, tenor sax / Eric Revis, bass / Chad Taylor, drums
One of the most talented and accomplished musicians of his generation, Grammy Award-winning bassist and composer Eric Revis has, over the past 15 years, become an important voice in jazz.A musical polyglot, Revis is comfortable in any setting, any direction. His skills as a band leader and composer are equally profound and inspiring.
Ingrid Laubrock, tenor + alto sax /Tim Berne, alto saxophone /Ben Gerstein, trombone /Dan Peck, tuba /Tom Rainey, drums
This exciting new group performs Ingrid Laubrock's latest compositions, written for saxophones/brass + drums. The compositions are taylor-made for this cast of hand-picked musicians who are all great improvisers and interpreters of creative new music alike as well as able to play complex rhythmic material. Their debut CD will be released on Firehouse 12 in May 2015.
Jen Shyu, , vocals, dance, piano, Taiwanese moon lute, Korean gayageum /Mat Maneri, viola /Randy Peterson, drums
“Ms. Shyu is among New York’s most invigorating vocal presences. And perhaps the most enigmatic.” Larry Blumenfeld, The Wall Street Journal
Miles Okazaki, guitar /Donny McCaslin, alto sax /François Moutin, bass /Dan Weiss, drums
His music requires no understanding of the intellectual concepts to be fully appreciated. The band translates Okazaki's brilliant ideas into music that is not only thought-provoking, but more importantly, captivating and moving.
Chris Speed, tenor sax/ Matt Mitchell, piano /Chris Tordini, bass /Dan Weiss, drums
Piano progressive Matt Mitchell has made waves in recent years, as a sideman in bands led by Tim Berne, Darius Jones and Dave Douglas, and with Fiction, his 2013 debut as a leader. “He’s a master of evaporating tones, and every chord he plays is broken crystal — sharp and translucent.” -Giovanni Russonello, The Gig
Ingrid Laubrock, tenor sax/ Mary Halvorson, guitar /Tom Rainey, drums
"...The trio didn't get trapped for a second in signature style - their sophisticated range and the confidence in the dialogues they have built up over the years allowed them to find ledges and pools where they could linger then get back in to the swim to come up with a refreshingly subversive stream of sonic surprise." Geoff Winston
Steve Lehman, alto sax/ Matt Brewer, bass /Damion Reid, drums
Steve's long-standing trio with Damion Reid (drums) and Matt Brewer (bass). Their critically acclaimed recording, Dialect Fluorescent (Pi, 2012), featured both original compositions and newly arranged standards, and was named one of the Top 10 Jazz CDs of 2012 by Spin Magazine, the Village Voice/Rhapsody critics poll, The Denver Post, and over thirty other music publications/blogs internationally.

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